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Folks that have ordered our book are raving about it, so we'd like to thank them by posting their kind words!

"This is not just any cook book - it's all about the stories, beautiful pictures and artwork too." - Nancy
"I really enjoyed reading it and marking my favorites and recipes I intend
on trying. I'm also honored that you included Joe and I in it." - Preston

"I used your "perfect hard boiled eggs" last night and it worked great...
and planning sausage and peppers with polenta for the next day or two!"
- Lara

"OMG is the perfect expression of Bill's passion and skill for food paired
with exceptional storytelling, photography and of course Sherry's lovely art.
It's a great feel-good food book!" - Jared

"I have been cooking up all sorts of meals over the years. Ever since Bill taught me the art of blow torching steaks, it has become one of my favorite meals and favorite of our friends & family. I have had the honorable pleasure of being Bills protege' at many campsite cookouts, learning while we all tasted some of the best prepared foods in the world.

Exotic feasts I wouldn't have dreamed of ever having the pleasure of eating. Blow torching Rib eyes till they are seared rare, sauteing garlic mushrooms & caramelizing onions has been served at my own home and camping trips for hundreds of meals. It is also so exciting to watch. With so many recipes of food to serve, we get "Bill's way" requested the most & I'm always happy to oblige." - Tim Carnahan

"I have been a steak lover for as long as I can remember. I always had to have ketchup with my steak. I can remember the very first time I had the pleasure of tasting a blow torched steak by Bill, I was blown away at the incredible taste. The torch changed the flavor so much I didn't want ketchup, from that day forward I have never used ketchup on any of my steaks.

I love the whole blow torching experience, it's so exciting. I love taking pictures while the blow torch is being used, the pictures turn out awesome. My husband Tim blow torches almost every week. Thank you Bill for your kindness and patience to teach Tim how to prepare the perfect steak (with no ketchup required), and all the other delicious recipes we now cook using your amazing book." - Fish Story Lori

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