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Meet Bill Lohman. By day, he is a dynamic insurance executive, the visionary founder of Legends Environmental Insurance in Orange, Califor

He is, in fact, widely recognized as a bona fide expert in the area of commercial and pollution liability insurance, educating carriers about the growing need for environmental coverage.

But, at day’s end …

Bill leaves his desk, grabs a blowtorch, and creates an entirely different environment for his family and friends by preparing food that is delicious, savory, and wholesome and in a manner that is, well, unorthodox, to say the least. Bill’s journey on the road from insurance man to flame-throwing chef actually began on the road.

In the early days of his career, the need to travel throughout the Orange County region to meet with clients required hours of driving time. To keep his mind entertained, Bill tuned in to the KNX Food News Hour with hosts Mel Baldwin and Melinda Lee.

He began by adding a dash of this and a pinch of that to his wife Sherry’s simmering pots. She did not take too kindly to this kitchen interference at first, but Bill’s contributions and later, his own creations proved so successful and succulent that she welcomed him into her domain.

Bill’s newly acquired cooking habit was soon filling the shelves with all manner of cookbooks. Shiny new pots and pans lined the cupboards, and every imaginable kitchen gadget gleamed in the drawers. It was time to take the action outside; Bill designed and built a smoker for the outdoor grilling area. It was then that he began to perfect his trademark technique.

Again, travel was the spark.

Bill, not one to shy away from making a new contact, was on a domestic flight when he struck up a conversation with the gentleman seated next to him. To his great interest, he discovered that the man was affiliated with a national steakhouse chain. Curious Bill asked the burning question: “How do you get those steaks so perfect?”

The creative cook took up the answer like a gauntlet thrown: “The steaks move through a specially-designed oven system that controls the cooking time to within a couple of seconds searing them at 1,800-degrees Fahrenheit.”


Bill thought about this. Paper will start to burn at 451-degrees.

“How can I do this at home without burning down the house?”

From insurance executive to novice home cook to expert, Bill now spends hours alongside Sherry planning, shopping, and prepping food for meals that their friends and family look forward to with relish.

Bill invests tremendous passion in his business, paying attention to details while keeping an eye on the big picture. His approach to cooking is the same: passionate, precise, and panoramic. He begins by purchasing quality ingredients the best and the freshest then he interprets each recipe with skills that have been honed to perfection.

At one time, this was the reaction from others, including Sherry: "Oh my God. Bill’s cooking." Today it’s an exclamation proclaimed with joy. Whenever there’s a gathering and Bill is doing the cooking, oh my God, it’s going to be good!
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